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Building a website needs a lot of decisions to make. One of the primary things is choosing a domain name. This also means deciding on what domain extension to take.

It can be a crucial step to find an accessible domain name that suits your website. Apart from that, even though you do, you still have to select which domain extension to choose. While .com and .org are the most used top-level domain, how can you determine that it is the one right for your website?

Introducing Top-Level Domain

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain and it refers to the rightmost part of the domain name after the dot. In, “” is the domain name, and “.site” is the TLD.

Does the TLD of your website URL really matter? Yes, they do. Domain name constituents, particularly TLDs, are regulated by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN. ICANN manages all types of TLD according to what the website is all about. With one glimpse of the domain name, you will be able to conclude what the website is associated with.

Comparing .com and .org as Domain Extensions

The .com and .org are both top-level domains that anyone can use. Yet, there are differences you need to consider.

The .com stands for “commercial” and it is used for all for-profit businesses of all types. It is recommended for businesses because it appears credible and trustworthy. It is the most popular extension.

As a result, because of its popularity, it is harder to find a domain that is not taken.

The .org stands for “organization” and it is commonly used for nonprofit organizations. It is also used for public education websites that provide information. Although it is not as popular as the .com, it is a frequently used and recognizable domain.

Since it has fewer name purchases, it has more available domain names. It has also a generalized price at a lower rate than .com.

Accordingly, .org is best suggested for nonprofit organizations’ websites. It is cost-effective. It offers the same credibility and more availability. Thus, .org is the one that is right for your nonprofit organization website.


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