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There’s a lot of volunteer opportunities out there. But, finding the best place and the best organization that will match your interests and skills is the hard thing. You don’t just want to volunteer to some random nonprofit organizations, do you? It might get boring and difficult for you because of the chances of mismatch in skills and interests.

Everyone is different. Some might enjoy participating in activities that need interacting with people. While others prefer their own company. They express their help through writing essays to help organizations spread their mission. 

To help you find that perfect volunteer opportunity, here’s our list of tips.

Know your interests and skills

Nonprofits look for volunteers to be assigned to areas that need improvements. Knowing your field of interests and skills will help you get the best that fits you.

Volunteering can be a great opportunity for you. You’ll be able to enhance the skills that you have. You can build relationships with other volunteers. And, you’ll be able to fill in the gap you might be feeling and find the purpose of your being.

Determining your interests and skills will help you better grow as an individual.

Determine your purpose

It could be easy to decide on what organization to volunteer for if you know your true purpose. It will be easier to find an organization whose cause is aligned with your mission. By having this, you can have a clearer path to take towards your volunteering desire.

Determine your availability

Determining your availability will make it easier for you to find an organization to volunteer. It will also give the organization a clear vision of what to expect from you. This is important especially when there are other priorities to avoid burnout.

Check for websites that are skill-based volunteering

Check for volunteering opportunities online, you can find different types of opportunities available. If you find interest in a particular cause, you can easily check and research it.

You can also have volunteering options. You can go for local volunteering for a fast visible result. Or you may go for international volunteering for a broader focus.

You can filter out your search based on your preferred cause, your skills, and time availability. It all depends on you where you think you can find your volunteering joy.

Look for local nonprofit matchmakers

Almost every city has a kind of matchmaker for volunteering opportunities. You just have to be investigative to find the potential volunteering opportunity that can come your way.

Volunteer in nonprofits near your location

It is good to volunteer in nonprofits near your location. It can be a great stepping stone if you aren’t certain but want to give local nonprofits a try. It’s a significant way to give back to your community.

Start one step at a time

It may not work out the first time but the important thing is that you tried. Take that as an opportunity to learn from the experience and unfold wonders on yourself.

Give attention to the things that you like and what you don’t like. If you don’t find fulfillment and satisfaction, you can just move on and try another. Because volunteering is a learning zone with infinite knowledge that can guide you to better live life.

The Takeaway

Volunteering is loving in motion. It enriches life and serves communities; empowering individuals and strengthens society. 

Visit our portfolio and take a look at the websites that we developed for nonprofit organizations. Consider a glimpse at all these. Who knows, it might be your destined volunteering opportunity.

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  1. Troy Sexton

    Non-profits always need more volunteers. It is nice to see a blog entry on helping volunteers find opportunities that are meaningful and fulfilling to both parties.

    • Diane Cordeño

      Thank you, Troy. We are glad you’ve appreciated this blog. That is what we cared about, for nonprofit organizations to achieve the greatest fulfillment of their vision and for volunteers to find the best volunteering opportunity for them.


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