Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofit Organizations

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Are you a nonprofit organization that is looking for sustainable fundraising ideas?

The success of every nonprofit starts with creative and interesting fundraising. It needs to be engaging to get people to support you and give.

Regardless of what not-for-profit you are, you need to raise money to fund your cause. In order for us to help, we provide a list of innovative fundraising ideas to rock the boat and go further.

Before You Get Started

Know Your Supporters

With the great diversity of individuals out there, it is easy to get lost in the middle of nowhere.

For you to successfully get things done, you need to be familiar to your supporters. You need to be able to know them to connect to them in a way that it will be relevant and meaningful for them.

Consider your supporters. You have to think about their average age. Where are they situated? What is the best way to approach them? What do they care about? Anything that concerns them can make a huge difference in your planning.

Categorize Your Supporters

Social categorization is a method where you classify individuals. It varies according to their important classifications.

You can categorize them according to their characteristics, engagement level, and comfort. You must also include your organization’s mission and its size in categorizing them.

Setting Goals

You need to know where you are going so that you will know what way you are taking.

To be successful in your organization, you need to set acquisition goals. With this, you will be focused on achieving what was planned. You will be able to avoid unnecessary stuff and can maximize great efforts. Make sure to set a timeline of your goals.

Different Types of Fundraising Ideas

Looking for ideas that are customized and different fundraising events for your nonprofit? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Customized Merchandise Fundraising

Hosting unique fundraiser stuff can be a great idea for a fundraising event. Of course, you can raise money. But aside from that, you can also give the participant something he/she can take as a memento after the event is over.

You can have your own choice of merchandise. It can be t-shirts, hats, rubber bracelets, or anything that you may desire. You may also choose face masks and face shields as your merchandise. These are something that is relevant to the pandemic that is happening right now.

The best part of this is that people are able to promote your organization while wearing them. With those merchandise obtaining your organization’s name, logo, and some informative words. It is an effortless way of spreading the word.

Raffles and Games

Raffles and games give entertainment, engagement, and extract funds, all in one. This idea fuels interest from participants. It is also fresh, allowing everyone to engage.

This idea is fun and can fit in any nonprofit organization fundraiser. Here are some of the fun and interesting in-event games for Raffles and Games.

50/50 Raffle

This idea is easy and some kind of tricky because you will not need an expensive ticket price. The incentive that the winner will get will be a cash prize.

Fifty percent of the total money that you have collected will be the prize that the winner will receive.

Pro Tip: You can divide the total money prize. You can have winners instead of a winner. The more price slots, the more chances of winning, the more attraction you can bring.

Jar Reveal

This idea is an exciting and interesting thing. You can have any kind of jar that you will design according to your organization’s cause or theme. Inside of each jar is a small piece of folded paper.

After all the jars were sold, the emcee will then have a countdown, and guests will then open the jars.

On their papers are either of the words, “Congratulations, you are the grand winner!”. The others can have a smaller prize. And least is the “Thanks for your support.” words for the rest of the not-so-lucky guests.

Prizes can be chosen depending on the theme of your organization.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a social/personal fundraising method. It’s a method where your supporters raise funds on your behalf. This is cost-effective and engages supporters in their comfort.

This idea includes walkathons, bikeathons, and fun runs. Each participant will be collected with registration fees. That collection will then be used to raise money for the organization.

At the end of this kind of fundraising campaign, there will be thanksgiving. It is to celebrate the success with the supporters of the event.

Fundraising Auctions

Fundraising auctions are selling of items to the highest bidder. The money obtained will be used for a fundraising project.

This is another way for your organization to raise money. This idea is uncomplicated and can be used and fitted in any organization size.

It is you who will decide if what is it that you want to auction. Most of the time, it is items that are second hand and are donated by the supporters of your cause. It could also be products from companies where they want to promote, or they just want to support your cause.

This fundraising idea is a great way of covering a large audience. It can get you the highest bid possible for a particular item.

Watch Party

Nonprofits are taking advantage of live streams as an opportunity to grow awareness. With this, organizations are able to engage with supporters and grow funds.

In this idea, you can find a relevant documentary or you can make your own documentary or film. You will then host a watch party and gather people virtually to watch the live stream together.

It is important to choose or create a relatable film for your audiences. Something that they can understand and reflect. Include the main reason for your live stream which is the gathering of donations. It is for asking for donations that will not be a tough thing to execute.

Game Tournament

The game tournament is an innovative way of fundraising. You can create a series of games where participants’ skills and endurance will be tested. Each team can register for a fee to compete in a different series of challenges. Top scorers will win prizes.

You can also ask for sponsorships with local businesses. This is for the prizes of the tournament’s participants.

You can make this fun event public where anyone can watch and take part in it.

Online Donations

Online donations refer to the donation page of your website.

If you want to attract donors and supporters online, you need to invest in a website. It informs people about your cause in the most powerful way it can be: online.

In accepting donations online, you should accept before, during, and after an event. It is for the case where donors might have not brought cash with them. With online donations, you are giving the donors the ease of giving.

One More Thing

And here’s the shortlist of ideas about fundraising that might help you in having one for your nonprofit. These methods successfully work especially when pressure is high and deadlines are tight.

Want to learn more about nonprofits? Visit Nonprofit Websites for more tips and resources.

Have fun fundraising!


  1. D. Austin

    I appreciate your insight on this one, Diane! In times when we can’t be in person with one another, having virtual options, such as a live stream, is a great option. My question for you: how can you set fundraising goals without any prior goals that were put into place? What is something that you could start with?

    • Diane Cordeño

      Thank you for your appreciation. It is important to set goals before planning any fundraising. You will then need to craft strategic plans including fundraising dates and strategies, donor-tracking plans, event details, and a target communication approach. I believe that setting goals and planning are the starting point in any fundraising. Strategies will then follow according to the plan.


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