How Do Nonprofits Get Funding

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Nonprofits grow their organization by using the raised funds to support their mission. They give back the money they raised by doing their purpose. For them to further their mission, they need to get funded.

How To Get Funds For Nonprofit Organizations?

Nonprofits make use of several sources of income to gather funds. Most of them use more than one method. They take the ones they thought are appropriate to raise funds the most.

Listed below are some ideas that any nonprofit can take to get started on their projects.


Online Donation Call-to-Action

The donation would be the first word you can think of when it comes to nonprofit funding. In today’s era where technology is in its domination, donors are now easier to approach. Online donations have been on every website for nonprofit organizations. This method has been the top means of bringing funds to any organization.


Fundraising has also been the top source of funding for nonprofit organizations. It had been tried and tested to raise money if given proper implementation. It only needs creativity in planning how to come up with effective fundraising. Fundraising does not only bring you to raise money. It also brings new donors and even supporters to your organization.

In-Kind Gifts


In-kind donations are non-cash gifts for nonprofits. These are usually commodities such as food, clothing, pre-loved things, and others. These gifts can help nonprofits with their budget. The items that are given can be used by the nonprofits in any way applicable to them.


Sponsorship is a method of partnering with a business or any for-profit organization. They will give you the products they have or sponsor useful things for your nonprofit. In exchange, your nonprofit can offer ways on honoring their sponsorship. You can honor them by giving credits to them like mentioning them to your blog posts or social media posts. You can display their logo on your website, event’s banner, or customized t-shirts.

Sales From Products and Services

Online Store

Some of the nonprofits have an online store on their websites. On their online store are the products they sell or the services that they offer. The profit they gain will be added to their funding. Online stores are great for nonprofits because it gives another source of income. It lets you raise a fund other than waiting for the donor’s donation.

Membership Fees

Membership Website

Some of the nonprofits use membership websites. It is a gated site where only members can access the contents. They are used by organizations for extra value.

Membership Fees

To be a member, you must register and pay the membership fee. The dues that the members pay are a good contribution to the funding of your organization.

Cause-Related Marketing

There are for-profit organizations that donate money to a chosen nonprofit organization. They share a specific percent of the amount if they successfully close a business deal. This kind of marketing is mutually beneficial for both the business and nonprofit. It promotes the former’s sales and the latter’s cause. If you will be able to pull off a good deal for some marketers, your nonprofit will get good funding for its cause.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorships are a good source of funding for nonprofits. A lot of for-profit organizations consider giving back to their communities. It serves as a part of their mission. It would be great if these sponsorships will find their way to your organization. They’ll come offering donations from their socially responsible corporations. Their goals and values aligned with yours can be a valuable strategic partnership.


Grants are an outlay from government and foundations. It is to help nonprofit organizations with their goals. Although, grants are only for qualified nonprofit organizations.

Just like Google Ad Grants, a program from Google for nonprofits. The qualified organizations will luckily enjoy $10,000 monthly. Yet, this grant will only be used for advertising text-based ads in Google Ads. A website like nonprofits needs a lot of online boosting such as advertisements. After all, we aim to earn great publicity which is why we are going online. Google Ad Grants will be very useful for your organization if used accordingly. You will be able to advertise your organization without spending from your funding.

Kicking To Raise More Nonprofit Funding?

Look further no more. These ideas are today’s most popular way of getting your nonprofit funded.

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Have you found the place of funding ideas that you are looking for? If you find this article helpful or if we missed something, please let us know in the comments. We’ll be happy to have a conversation with you.


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