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Nonprofit organizations motivate society to be one with them in helping others. They persuade people to support and donate for the growth of their organization. They need them to support their mission.

As an organization needing support, it is your responsibility to enlighten your supporters. Along with that is your duty to find an easy and secure way for them to donate electronically. Particularly, during a pandemic where everyone was advised to stay at home.

PayPal enables nonprofits to do good. The donation was made easy for both organization and donor. With PayPal, everything is fast and simple.

Why Use PayPal For Nonprofits?

PayPal provides a lot of benefits using its services to raise money for nonprofits.

Establishing a donation button for accepting online payments is quick and easy. It does not need any complicated steps to set this up.

Donations online are made easy for both one-time and recurring payments. These are all effortless with a donation button built in your website.

PayPal is also a great choice for merchandise selling using customized carts.

Using PayPal for your nonprofit promotes safety for your supporters. They will not need to share their financial information. Also, you can maximize your time from processing money paper checks.

All these PayPal facilitates.

How Much Does PayPal Cost?

PayPal does not cost you a fortune. In fact, they offer discounts for the payment processing fee from the payment that you accept. This is available for registered 501(c)(3) organizations. These organizations are tax-exempt organizations. They have been certified by the Internal Revenue Services. Any qualifying organizations will only pay 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction.

If you are not a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization yet, you will have to pay the standard processing fee. PayPal’s standard per-transaction processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30.

Track Your Income And Enhance Your Auditing

Make the most out of your PayPal account. PayPal provides detailed data for all the related transactions of your PayPal account. These reports are available for annual and monthly financial summaries. This also calculates your monthly sales report and the total processing fee history. As well as transaction history, customer agreement details, and many more.

All this data is secured and accessible anytime. Regardless of how long since it had been transacted.

Is PayPal Right For Your Nonprofit?

Given these benefits, PayPal is the absolute solution for all those needs out there. PayPal is further capable of powering your nonprofit organization. Accordingly, PayPal is a great option for a safe and secure payment transaction.

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  1. Filip Fabijanic

    I love that Paypal donate button is so accessable to Non profit organizations and not complicated to have on their site.
    501(c)(3) status is tied to which country formation? US? How could I see this in my own country, Croatia based in Europe?
    Better yet, E-Estonian formed organizations are popular now due its simplicity to register. Aim to non birocratic stream lined process which helps for everything be quick and easy.

    • Diane Cordeño

      Thank you for taking your time in reading our blogs, as well as commenting. You are right, 501(c)(3) status is for the US. I have searched on the European Nonprofit Law, particularly in your country which is Croatia. I have come across the Nonprofit Law in Croatia where it discussed the legal framework governing nonprofit organizations. It contains the following information needed regarding nonprofits. You may see it for yourself by clicking here.
      I have visited the E-Estonia website and have seen their digital expertise. However, I am happy to introduce to you the Nonprofit Websites. We are a small group offering quality services in the fields of Web Design and Development. As a small group, we aim to deliver satisfaction to our clients and create a significance in this field.
      Thank you so much, we truly appreciate you.

  2. Dylanna Fisher

    Paypal is such a handy service for freelancers and businesses throughout the industries. I’ve used it for all of my projects that require payment.

    I’ve noticed however that newer services like Paypal and even E-Transfers are harder to be accepted and used by older generations.

    How would you suggest bringing up these newer services to businesses that have primarily used offline methods like cash and cheques?

    • Diane Cordeño

      With the global crisis we are facing at this moment, online money transfers are now highly recommended.
      Introducing the advantages and benefits of using online payment is a good way of bringing up the newer services. Once they get to know the goodness of using these services, they will definitely want to experience the comfort of it.

  3. A. K. Klemm

    I’ve had a business PayPal account for years (for the added layer of financial safety) and never realized they had this donation feature. That’s so helpful to know and look out for because I do believe in putting my money where my beliefs are and helping non profit organizations as much as I can. The ability to help out safely and not have my bank account compromised is definitely an added plus.

    • Diane Cordeño

      Hello. We are glad that you have been enlightened about PayPal and nonprofits through our article. Have a fun and secure way of donating!


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