TLDs for Nonprofit Organizations’ Websites

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In finding a domain name for your organization, few things need to be considered. First, get a domain name that is easy for the users to interpret. It should not have misspellings, as much as possible, no numbers, and no hyphens. Second, create a domain name that reflects your organization. It could be the name of your organization. It can be a slogan. It can also be keywords that represent your organization. Lastly, think of what top-level domain would you get to make the most sense for your organization’s needs.

Knowing Top-Level Domain

Top-level domain or TLD refers to the rightmost part of a domain name or URL. It is the part that takes after the period.

For example, in the internet address, the “.site” part is the TLD.

TLDs are primarily classified into two main categories. Those are generic TLDs and country-specific TLDs. For nonprofit organization websites, they are categorized under generic TLDs.

Five best TLDs for Nonprofit Websites

Choosing the right domain extension for your website is a great help. It can aid in gaining a strong online presence. Here’s a summary of some of the TLDs perfect for your nonprofit websites.


This domain was originally intended for nonprofit entities. This is open for individuals, companies, and organizations of all kinds.

.ORG has been the domain where individuals turn to discover unbiased information. This is where people get involved and finance online causes.

Registering a .org domain lets you start an organization. It enables you to share your ideas, and inspire others. This domain extension promotes integrity, credibility, and social attraction. It is the perfect domain for a nonprofit organization. It was considered to be the best domain for online fundraising.

In spite of the fact that .org is more popularly related to nonprofits, it is also being used by others. It is likewise utilized by schools, universities, and communities. It is also used by a few for-profit organizations. As it may be for this reason why there was a need for other TLDs. Something that is entirely exclusive for nonprofits used only.


.NGO stands for a non-governmental organization. It is a new domain extension particularly available for legitimate nonprofits. It is also for legitimate NGOs, and charity organizations worldwide. They ensure that organizations are genuinely not-for-profit. It needs to go through a strict screening process and get approved by it. This is for removing the chances of for-profit organizations utilizing the said TLD.

This domain extension guarantees legitimacy. It assures that the websites were used by trusted nonprofit organizations only.


.NGO and .ONG domains are bundled together. This means that if you register a .ong domain name, you will automatically get a .ngo TLD with the same domain. This happens vice versa.

The .ong adheres the equal meaning of .ngo in Romance Language-speaking regions. ( These are French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish).

Both .ngo and .ong undergo verification processes. This guarantees the protection of your organization’s online presence. This is aimed to be in as many locales and languages as possible.


The .foundation offers a much-needed, particular, and significant namespace. It is for the reason of helping foundations build online networks. It is for foundations to be easy to find and more marketable.

This TLD can be registered worldwide without any restrictions. It is the ideal TLD for foundations of all sorts and sizes, and that is what makes them easier to find and fund.


The .gives domain extension is short, professional, and noteworthy. This will help you enhance your search engine rank with keywords within the URL.

This domain is pleasingly selected by individuals, organizations, NGOs, and any charity foundations. It is because of its attention-grabbing effect on individuals. It targets an immediate connection with people looking for online causes and purposes.


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