Website Requirements in Applying Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

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Having a perfect website with all the Must-Have Elements of a Nonprofit Website is not enough. It is like hiding behind and waiting to be noticed by passersby online.

What do you need to do? Show-off. Boost your website traffic and be visible in relevant searches to your website.

How to do it? Advertise. Be a Google search away. Be a Google Ad Grants qualified.

What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Grants Website Requirements
Google Grants Website Requirements

Google Ad Grants is a program for nonprofits. It gives not-for-profits the chance to advertise on Google with no cost. This program will give you the privilege to make your own marketing strategy. This will be a big help for your nonprofit to reach its goals.

Qualifying organizations will enjoy $10,000 per month. This will be used in spending for Google Ads to create text-based pay-per-click ads.  This will only charge you with a maximum of $2 cost-per-click on your ads.

These ads only appear in Google search results and will only run in text-based. It will also appear only in targeted keywords campaigns.

How to get qualified in Google Grants?

The biggest part of Google Grants is money. To optimize your nonprofit website, you have to spend the money to get more traffic on your website. You must use it for you to not to lose it.

But to be qualified, organizations must go through an application process. For the organization to be eligible, it must meet the program requirements.

These are the requirements that are needed to have in an on-going process.

Must Hold a Current and Valid Nonprofit Status

In order for you to be qualified, you need to be a valid not-for-profit organization. Your organization should have a live website with significant contents for nonprofits.

You also need to have a valid charitable status in your country to reinforce validity. It needs to be approved as a tax-free nonprofit organization.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate for Nonprofit Website

It is important to have an SSL certificate in applying for Google Ad Grant. Your website needs to be secured with HTTPS. That means that your website must not contain broken links. It must not have any malicious downloads and other poor user experiences.

This is a must to ensure users that their private information will not be in jeopardy.

Primarily, the two of this list is the most important thing to consider in applying for Google Ad Grants. To get you down into more details, you may read more on Google Ad Grants’ Website Policy.

Once you’ve got approved by the Google Ad Grants, maintaining Ad Grants account will be the next struggle. We composed Requirements for Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits to help you maintain eligibility. Please feel free to check it out.

So, if you think that it’s a bit tough to do it on your own, know that we can work these with you. We at Nonprofit Websites is here, ready to assist you.


  1. Filip Fabijanic

    Thank you, Diane, for posting this. When you say Qualifying organizations will enjoy $10,000 per month, it is that on on-going bases? For how long?
    Lets hop to the next question. “These ads only appear in Google search results and will only run in text-based.”
    What other, than, text-based are there?

    • Diane Cordeño

      Know that we truly appreciate your comments, Filip. The $10,000 grant per month will be enjoyed right after your nonprofit gets qualified in the Google Ad Grants. It will continue to be accessible as long as your Google account is active.
      The Google Ads campaign types are Search Network, Display Network, Video (Youtube), Shopping, and the Universal App Campaign. In the case of the ads that are spent from the grants fall under the Search Network. These are the text ads that show on the search engine result pages.


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